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Request for Interviews & Proposals from Partners and Supporters of the 2020 Plan Taskforce for 2020 Fund Sub-Grants in 2016
Once again this year, the 2020 Fund will make small sub-grants to community organizations that can make a big difference in helping us to reach the top 2020 Plan goal of reducing poverty by 30% in South St. Petersburg by the year 2020.
Brief introduction to the 2020 Fund
The 2020 Plan Taskforce made history in 2015 with the launch of a new “community philanthropy” vehicle spearheaded by the 2020 Plan Taskforce of 100 organizations working together to reach the goal of poverty reduction.  Housed at the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay, the 2020 Fund has so far gathered contributions ranging from $50 to $24,000 toward a goal to “show and prove” that small contributions – strategically invested in the right things - can make a big difference in reducing poverty.
The pilot was a success. The Fund made 8 grants in 2015, ranging from $1,500 to $21,000, all to agencies that participated in the “200 in 2015 campaign” to grow youth employment. Together, they achieved the largest increase ever in youth served in City-supported employment programs; their efforts increased the number of youth earning experience & income from 228 in 2014 to 424 in 2015 (86% growth), thanks to the contributions of organizations like the Rays, United Way Suncoast, City of St. Petersburg and the Power Broker Media Group.  
The focus of this year’s 2020 sub-grants
This year – the 2020 Plan Taskforce – will focus on three of the biggest unmet needs in our community:
  • Youth Soft Skills Training & Career Experience – The Fund will support intensive training programs that offer a sustained experience over 2 to 8 weeks with at least 24 hours of interactive training and 12 hours of employer-site learning (e.g., shadowing, “work for a day”)
  • Youth Job Development – The Fund will support organizations that employ job developers to recruit employers with paid work experiences for trained youth, including internships, shadowing, and short-term and year-round jobs, for teens with and without “blemishes” on their records such as arrests.
  • School, Childcare and Transportation Fund – The Fund will support agencies that help parents to start or complete a journey to exit poverty and who need help with small incidental costs that all too often prevent people from accessing a pathway out of poverty (e.g., gas money, school-related fees, career clothing purchases, emergency childcare support, and car repairs).
To partner or apply for small sub-grants from the 2020 Fund
1. Participate in a partner interest meeting  
2. After the preliminary selection of RFP submissions, participate in a one-on-one interview to discuss your potential initiative to address the priorities above (proposals will be limited to 2 pages)
3. Adhere to 2020 procedures for the use of grants and the evaluation and reporting duties
For more information:
Deborah Figgs-Sanders,
Co-advisor, The 2020 Fund & Co-Chairperson, The 200 in 2016 Campaign
P: (727) 420-2819 E:
You can give to the 2020 Fund on-line at