The 2020 Plan

The 2020 Plan team is what is known as a "backbone organization" - a group dedicated to providing the centralized infracture, staff and structured process needed to achieve a shared vision, using shared measurment, acoss diverse organizations.
As such, the role of the 2020 team is to manage and support planned initiatives through ongoing facilitation, communication, reporting and the management of other vital functions. 
Consistent with our counterparts in other parts of the nation, the 2020 team leads six activities to support and facilitate collective impact. We:
  1. Guide vision and strategy
  2. Support aligned activities
  3. Establish shared measurement practices
  4. Build public will
  5. Advance policy
  6. Mobilize funding
The 2020 team is currently leading and supporting 11 collective impact initiatives, each designed to engage groups in achieving shared goals.
Contact Information:
Cory Adler
Executive Director
2020 Plan Task Force Executive Director
2020 Plan Task Force meetings are held about every other month.  
To be added to the 2020 email list please forward your name and email address to
Below are downloadable pdfs of reports, infographics and articles.